Content is everywhere around you, just waiting to be captured. You have all the tools you need in your pocket. Over the last few years smartphones have grown such a positive reputation as, not only decent cameras, but really good cameras that even professionals are opting for in certain situations. Capturing content doesn’t need to be considered hard or something only professionals can do anymore. A smartphone is all you need.


We take your captured content along with your basic concept and apply our expertise and industry knowledge to create something great. We take the utmost pride in our work and will always strive for the absolute best result possible. Not only will we produce great work, we have also streamlined the process with our multiple choice brief so that you will never wait longer than 48 hours for your finished video.


We believe in long lasting relationships which is why we handle all of our client’s projects and campaigns with care. Our expertise will always be at your disposal from capturing to creating and even in sharing. A video, like any content is useless if nobody sees it so we will work closely with you to help you achieve the best possible results and grow together with each Content Laundry video you make.
"We were surprised how easy it was to produce a high quality video with our mobile phone. We sent our footage to the team at Content Laundry and they put it together within 24 hours complete with music and our branding. Looking forward to doing more videos with you guys in the near future. Thanks heaps from Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm!"
“The whole process was so cost-effective, because I didn’t have to get a team of professionals in with all their equipment to film the whole process. So, all I did was use my iPhone, and then had Content Laundry edit it all. Fantastic!”
"I highly recommend these guys. They have an innovative and cost-effective model for small businesses who want to produce regular, professional video content. So far they have produced four videos for us, all turned around within 24 hours and they nailed it each time. They have good taste in coffee shops too!"

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