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10 Answers to Questions We get all the time.

10 Answers to Questions We get all the time.

When you work at a video agency you hear a lot of interesting statements and get asked a lot of weird questions here’s ten that we have heard before:

Can you make it go viral?

Viral videos are actually extremely rare. More than a weeks worth of non stop video is uploaded to the internet every minute and less than half of 1 percent of those goes viral. There are a few technics you can be implemented to give you a better chance of going viral here’s three:

  • Be Short: Don't make your videos any longer than they have to be. An estimated 19% of viewers drop off in the first 10 seconds and about 44% have dropped off by one minute.
  • Be Emotive: It’s generally when a video stirs emotion in someone that they decide to share it with a friend or colleague.
  • Be Topical: A technique that the viral kings use is to make their video directly relate or at least loosely reference something that is happen in the world right now!

Can you make the blue blue-er?

I’m sure in your head what you’re saying makes perfect sense but you need to remember no one is in your head but you. Don’t get caught up in the nitty gritty of the design, they have made it that way because they have years of experience in the right colours to use. Remember, what’s most important is that your message is being delivered in an informative and entertaining way. In saying that. If there is a shade of colour that you want, show it to them rather than have them guess what’s in your head.

Can you just make something and I’ll tell you if I like it?

Don’t get me wrong, creative people LOVE getting free reign on a project or video but that’s not what this is. This opens up a whole world of re-shoots, re-edits and re-ceding hair lines for the contractor. Whoever it is that you have contracted to shoot or edit your video probably have some talent in this area, so utilise it. If you don’t want to be specific, at least give them an indication of what you want. They have the know how but you have the know what.

My target audience is males and females from zero up.

No it’s not. The only product that has that demographic is water. It is so important that you know who your target audience is before you get someone to make a video. Firstly it gives you clarity on what sort of video you want and secondly it gives your contractor the knowledge they need to make the best product they can for you.

I need this immediately.

Obviously there are things that catch us off guard from time to time and we need urgency; but generally there are weeks or months to plan. Remember the the more planning that goes into any video the better result you're going to get. That means planning with the contractor or even planning before you engage someone. Having a super clear idea of what you want is going to make their job a whole lot easier and the cost a whole lot lower for you.

Make sure it makes people buy.

No advertising in history has MADE someone buy anything, thats up to you to be selling a good product or service. Whoever is making your video is going to do the best possible job they can to convince the viewer to do what it is you want them to do. Remember the video is their product too, they usually want to use it to get more work and show off how they successfully helped you.

I don’t have a high res logo, can you just make it high res?

It is imperative, not just for video but for your business, that you have high res logos. If it’s not high res it can’t be made high res, it will need to be created again. A big mistake that a lot of businesses make is that video makers are graphic designers and vice versa, nine times out of ten they’re not. Once you have them, keep them in a safe place to save you from paying to get them made again and again.

This is the only video I’m making so I want all of these messages in it.

You know the expression “the customer knows best”? That expression isn’t saying the customer is right per say but rather its telling the worker or contractor not to argue. We can only guide you so far but when you want something we’ll do it, so often a battle that the contractor loses is filling the video up with way to many videos and call to actions that the viewer misses them all. Have no more than three key messages within your video and never more than one call to action. Even if it is the only video you’re going to make, you’re better off hitting on your key info rather than overloading with too much that people are going to forget.

No offence but did you even try?

Well I am taking offence, and yes I did. Really hard! Anyone in a creative job is in that job because it’s their passion and when something is your passion, you tend to try really hard. Remember, in art what’s “good” and what’s “bad” is completely subjective. So rather than asking, did you even try? Ask them why they did it the way they did and usually they will give you a well thought out and justified reason. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean they didn’t try.

I can afford a video or marketing but not both.

These two go together like a horse and carriage, don’t break them up. A video without marketing is useless and marketing without content is pointless. There is always a cheaper option when it comes to video and video makers are kings at making budgets stretch. Content Laundry gives you the option to focus almost all of your budget on the marketing rather than the video; in fact we can usually make up to ten videos for the price others charge for one.   


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