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5 Steps to Thinking Like a Customer

5 Steps to Thinking Like a Customer

By Shannon. 

A great way to set up your business for success is to actively think like a customer. When you think from the perspective of a customer you can create the best possible customer experience.

1. What do you expect as a customer?

The answer to this question should shape the way you approach every aspect of your interaction with customers; including design, layout, presentation and tone. Ensure that the layout of your website is optimised for readability and ease of use. Use language that makes the most sense to customers.

2. Connect with Customers

Customers want to be spoken to like real people. Rather than trying to bombard viewers with formal language, it might be more effective to speak from a down to earth tone. Aim to start a conversation. You can maintain a professional appearance while also connecting with customers on a human level.

3. Be Approachable

You should aim to make the buyer’s journey clear and easy to navigate. The process should be as smooth as possible for the customer. Approachability is important. Social media can be a powerful tool in making your business appear much more approachable to potential customers. They should feel like they have the option of connecting with you if they need to.

4. Make it Easy for Your Customers

When a customer seeks out your business online, they’re ultimately looking for information to try and make a decision. Give them the important information that they want - don’t hide it! Cut out the content that they don’t want or that isn’t useful to them. Strive to answer important questions such as what value your product can provide for them personally.

5. Use Video Content

Customers lead busy lives so they need this information quickly. The best and most effective way to showcase your product is with video. You don’t have to know much about video to get started either. We offer a unique and very affordable service where you can record right from your phone and then send the raw footage to us. We’ll professionally edit and combine your footage so that you have amazing video content to post on your social media pages at a fraction of the cost. Visit our other pages for more info :)

Good luck!


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