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Best Practises For Your Instagram Page Layout

Best Practises For Your Instagram Page Layout

By - Shannon.

Having an Instagram page for your business is an excellent way to interact with customers. Your Instagram page is a visual representation of your business, and often it can be one of the first things a customer sees if they decide to look your business up on social media. For these reasons, it’s important to carefully consider how you present your Instagram page. Here are 3 pointers for maintaining an awesome Instagram feed:

1. Visual Appeal

Because Instagram is a visual platform, you should always think about what your content is offering visually. Try to share images or videos that are interesting, engaging or beautiful. You might want to try using bright colours, interesting subject matter or unique compositions. Filters and photo-editing apps can allow you to transform your images and make them pop. At the end of the day, what makes an image visually appealing is completely subjective - so think about what looks good to you and what would motivate you to click ‘like’ on Instagram. When people are scrolling down their Instagram feed, your image will be competing with many others for attention. To encourage people to like your photos and videos, you should aim to share content that is visually stimulating.

2. Consistency

It’s one thing to consider how a single image or video looks, but you should also be aware of how the Instagram posts you share interact with each other. Instagram will always show your profile page in a grid formation, with your posts lined up in rows of three. Your profile is the page that shows all of your content together, and it’s the page that people see when they’re deciding whether or not to follow you. You can encourage people to click follow by sharing images that look great together and show some kind of correlation. For instance, you could keep to a theme or colour scheme. Find a way to unite your posts by keeping some kind of consistency throughout your images or videos. The pages that do this well often receive many followers because they consistently look great and followers can know what kind of content to expect.

3. Layout / Pattern

One way to keep your page consistent is to come up with and follow an Instagram pattern or layout. This can look really effective when people click on your page and help you to stand out from other Instagram pages. Following an Instagram pattern means strategically alternating between two (or more) kinds of posts so that they’re ordered on your page in a particular way. 


The best way to gain followers on Instagram is to share content that is interesting and relevant. You should aim to ensure that your posts are high quality and visually stimulating to prompt engagement. Consistency will give people an idea of what to expect and encourage more people to click follow. If you’re feeling up to it, a pattern or theme across multiple posts can really give your page a memorable edge. At the end of the day, be creative and have fun with it!


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