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Create Highly Engaging Videos With These 3 Psychological Tips

Create Highly Engaging Videos With These 3 Psychological Tips

By Shaun.  

Engaging your audience can be a tricky process in an online world full of small attention spans and a load of distractions. Businesses often struggle with creating an impactful message that will compel people to stop and watch their content. If this is you, let's explore what is going on and how we can solve this with some handy psychological tips.

Give Your Brand a Human Touch

When communicating through text and stock pictures, it can be extremely hard to give yourself a relatable face for people to care about. It can be so easy to sound like a robot when communicating like a business online, and nothing is more off-putting than a lack of authenticity. Having real people speaking like real humans do is a key part to creating more brand likeability and engagement. And while social media is heading towards a future filled with video feeds, filming your brand is becoming more important than ever. This is why you should be filming your business through a personality that people can relate to.

Create Emotion Triggers In your Content

Content that doesn’t connect with an audience on a personal level will have a hard time getting any sort of engagement. Businesses need to know what creates a reaction out of people, and how to do it in a positive light. A lot of businesses are now using wit & humour to create connections with their brand. This method allows people to relate to these funny posts and encourages them to comment or share it with their friends.

Feature your Audience

Many people like to gain more followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, and featuring your audience allows them to do this. This will give your social presence much more value as your audience can see the benefit of gaining more followers for sharing your product. Respond to fans who have put in the effort to socialise with your brand, and reward them by doing so. This could be as simple as thanking them through a short video, or if they have put in a lot of effort to share and communicate with others about your brand you could send them a small gift. The key is to encourage people to be featured on your page to create a likeable and relatable business.

Now that you have educated yourself with these psychological tips, get out there and start shooting some engaging video!


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