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Creating Fans, Not Customers.

Creating Fans, Not Customers.

By - Lacey 

There are hundreds of millions of social media users and frankly, most won’t be your customers. We say it’s time to stop treating every user as a lead and instead work towards finding your audience. Eventually, your username will be recognisable and unstoppable.

You’ve heard the phrase “You can’t please everyone” never has this been more true than during the age of social media. Keeping your online presence sincere and consistent is the best way solidify your connection with your audience. Chances are, most of your followers have never met you in person so your content is really the only impression they have of you and your business.

Here are some tips for creating fans that will help you grow your business.

Meet expectations with consistent content.

We know we preach content a lot over here, but we know it’s the most important for building any business or brand. If you haven’t yet created your identity, then you haven’t really created your following. Posting consistent content will help you manage your follower expectation and help you find your ideal audience. This may mean forgoing a cat video or two if it doesn’t gel with your overall look.

Give ‘em Value

We’re not talking about knocking down your prices. Giving value online means sharing things your customers want. Are you an expert in your specific field? Great, share tidbits of advice. Always ask yourself if your content is helpful, relatable or entertaining. Taking small strides to create value will really help you build a relationship with your followers and customers.

Keep in Contact @reply

No need to take the high and mighty road. Time to make your followers feel valued. I still remember the time one of my favourite style bloggers replied to one of my comments, she used my first name and made me feel as though we were best friends. I’ve continued to be a loyal follower for years. It takes a few minutes a day to reply to some of your comments, but trust us, it will keep them coming back for more.

There you have it. Try these tips to build your fan base, then watch as they cheer you on and grow your business. What steps have you taken that have built your following? Join the conversation in the comments below.



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