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What we think of the DJI Mavic

What we think of the DJI Mavic

By - Steefan. 

Drones, drones everywhere! They’ve become the hot topic of the camera tech industry for the last few years, and any hobbyist’s wet dream. Everyone who doesn’t have one wants one, and almost everyone who has one usually wants a smaller one. They can be overly cumbersome sometimes, but the bigger the drone = the better the quality right? Kinda.




DJI has been at the forefront of drone technology, and almost have a monopoly going for themselves. Every other drone company has been trying to catch up. The Phantom drone range changed things forever - it made drones mainstream and accessible for the masses. It’s gone through a few iterations now, but their flagship Phantom 4 is truly a great piece of kit. However - as vlogger Casey Neistat puts it: “convenience is a super huge priority” over perfect image quality, and the Phantom 4 ain’t too convenient due to its cumbersome size.




  Enter the Mavic. If you have a rather large pocket, this new tiny drone will actually fit in it! Yep. A drone that can “fit in your pocket”. What!!!? Put it in your (large) pocket or your backpack, go get the shot you need, and boom. 4K aerial footage that looks epic and is perfectly usable. The lines have started blurring, and here we have a truly innovative leap in a market that is starting to get more and more saturated. Nice move, DJI. One more point - the Phantom 4’s controller is actually larger than the Mavic Drone… yep.


Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 2.27.33 PM.png


Casey Neistat concludes that the Mavic is the “greatest drone ever” - and I think we might have to agree. The Mavic can easily become a part of anyone’s video arsenal, and depending on your business it will provide a whole new perspective on what you do while upping your video production value like crazy. Who knows, maybe someone like GoPro will release a tiny drone to compete with the Mavic… oh wait.

Authors Note: We just recently heard that the Karma Drone was having some issues and some had to be recalled. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of getting one soon.


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