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How Can a Small Business Leverage Social Media?

How Can a Small Business Leverage Social Media?

By - Shannon. 

Social media can be a powerful tool for small businesses to grow and expand their reach. There are several methods that small businesses can use to best leverage social media and garner engagement from potential clients.

Be Approachable

In general, consumers tend to be more trusting of small businesses because they appear more human and personal. Many large companies aim to create the illusion of being smaller and more local for this very reason. Instead of trying to create a facade, embrace it. Small businesses are in a unique position where they can communicate with customers on an approachable level. This translates extraordinarily well over to social media, so showcase what makes your business unique and different.

Paws Up 4 Dogs is a small Gold Coast business that is successfully using Instagram to share content that is personal, approachable and true to their product: 

We made it 👍 we're currently at @petwellnesscentres Pawsome Party 🐾 only for another hour...😉 #BurleighHeads #PetWellness #GoldCoast

A photo posted by Paws Up 4 Dogs - Ramps/Steps (@paws_up_dogramps) on


Be Shareable

Post content that is interesting and encourages engagement. If viewers feel compelled enough to share your posts, you will receive more interactions due to word of mouth. The best way to encourage people to share your content is to be engaging. Make it inspiring, make it beautiful or make it funny - just make sure that it’s memorable. Be unique and stand out.

 An example of a business successfully using Instagram is Willow and Henry. They’re a small business on the Gold Coast posting content that is shareable, unique and visually appealing:



Be Informative

A great way to encourage viewers to interact and engage is to provide them with value. That value can be in the form of entertainment or education. If you can provide potential customers with knowledge, tips or advice, they will feel compelled to engage with your posts. If you make this information relevant to your brand and product, it can organically lead to more sales and act as a starting point for customers to begin their buyer journey. This is a win-win for both the customer and the business.

My Sun Protection posts content that is helpful, informative and relevant to their products:




Be approachable, be shareable and be informative. Use these three social media tips to start growing your small business online today. Good luck :)


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