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How to Build a Video Content Calendar

How to Build a Video Content Calendar

By - Lacey

Are you a business owner jumping from post to post, fumbling around, feeling a bit inconsistent with your social media? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly ran out of things to post?

Here at Content Laundry we can help you make videos your customers will actually want to consume instead of avoid. We also know your videos will only work as hard as you do, this is why we’ve compiled some tips for creating a video content calendar.

What is a content calendar?

Much like any schedule, a content calendar gives you a bird’s eye view of your creations. It enables you to actually see what’s coming and then get really strategic. Planning your posts ahead of time will optimize traffic, post engagement, lead generation and ultimately sales. Building a calendar will help you squeeze your videos for all they’ve got!

First things first, let’s make a list.

It’s no secret content marketing is all about creating value. We collectively avoid advertisements because they give us little to no value. The first question you have to ask yourself is “What can I produce that will be helpful or entertaining to my viewers?”

Here’s some inspiration to get your started:

 1. Comparison and “versus” videos

These types of videos were made popular with product reviews, but this tactic can be applied to many different topics. By comparing and contrasting you can help your audience learn which option to pursue.

2. Tips and tricks

Sharing professional insights or advice with your audience 

3. Tutorials & How­to videos

If you teach your audience how to do something, soon they’ll be willing to pay for your

4. Company news videos

Let your viewers feel connected with your company by sharing the latest company news. Even something short and silly will show your business is made of actual humans who are striving to better themselves and the company.

5. Failures and What Not to Do

Not only are these videos a remarkable teaching tool, they create an element of
controversy that people crave. These videos also ad a human element to your company.

6. Transparency Videos

Dishing your resources or being honest about your financial growth will build trust with your audience.

7. Live Chat/ Q&A

With Facebook’s live streaming feature, live Q&A videos have never been easier. Toss out a post asking for questions ahead of time or answer the questions of your live viewers.

8. Latest Adventure Videos

Share your latest daring business endeavour or personal happenings.

9. Behind the Scenes Videos

It's always interesting to see the story behind the story, or in case the people behind the business.

10. “Why” or Fact Driven Videos

Sharing fact driven information can be incredibly powerful. Think of questions your audience may have and then explain the “why.”

11. Personal Stories

Connect with your viewers by sharing what you care about, trust us, they’ll eat it up.


Once you’ve selected the types of videos you’ll be making it’s time to get organized.

Step 1: Frequency

Determine how often you will be posting. No certain frequency is perfect for any brand, so this may come with a little trial and error. We recommend staggering your videos so your content always stays dryer fresh and wrinkle free.

Step 2: Choose your Tool

Paper Calendar

If you’re keen to go back to basics or you like to manage your tasks on paper then reach for a paper calendar.

Google Calendar

The best tools don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Create a simple at­a­glance calendar to track types of videos you’ll be producing and publication dates.

Hubspot Editorial Calendar

Just warming up to the idea of video content calendars? Hubspot has a free template with fields such as dates, keywords, and content already completed. Its as easy as dropping your ideas and getting to work.


If you’re ready to get serious about content organization it’s time to fall in love with Trello. With Trello you can easily manage your entire content calendar for all social media platforms, or simply plan your content. While this app won't actually publish your content, it is an incredibly

productive app designed to help you get it done. One of our favourite features includes the built in calendar which gives you that ideal bird’s eye view of your content.

Step 3: Plan

It’s important to take a look at your analytics and see when your audience is active. The more active users, the more likely your content will be viewed and shared. A good rule of thumb includes posts Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

Step 4: Schedule:

After you’ve made a game plan, it’s time to schedule your posts. Did you know Facebook allows you to upload your content ahead of time, write a caption and then select a publication time? This is a basic feature that will allow you to decide when you pull the trigger on your content.

If you’re looking to schedule more in depth or to post to multiple platforms we recommend using programs like Buffer, Sprout Social, or Hootesuite.

You’re All Set!

Creating and following a basic content calendar will ensure your videos gets the recognition they deserve.

There are a million different ways to plan your content, let us know in the comments what works best for you.


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