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Humanising Your Brand

Humanising Your Brand

By - Shannon. 

Your brand image is important because it determines how customers view and interact with your business. A brand that lacks human appeal risks coming across as rigid, uninteresting or (worst of all) unapproachable. This is in direct contrast to businesses that go out of their way to warmly welcome customer interaction. A brand that can build trust and connect with customers on a human level will always have a major advantage over brands that don’t.

Small Business? Embrace it!

There’s no reason to intimidate your customers with a harsh exterior. Many small businesses feel the need to try and put across an overly professional front in an attempt to imitate big businesses. It’s great to be professional, but that doesn’t mean you have to water down your brand image or follow what every other brand is doing. A major advantage of running a small business is being able to take risks and make decisions without going through a lengthy approval process. When it comes to your branding, talk to your customer on an honest level. Instead of hiding the fact that you’re a small business - embrace it!

Be Approachable

When crafting your brand’s message, imagine that you’re talking to a single person rather than a stadium of people. Aim for a friendly, approachable voice instead of talking down to your customers. The goal is to gain the trust of potential and existing customers, and the best way to do that is to show respect and warmth.

Give your Brand a Face

People like things with faces because people have faces. Consider showing the humans behind your brand. This is a great way to gain the trust of potential customers and give your brand a personal touch. The optimal place to do this is on social media. Consider showing some of the behind-the-scenes happenings at your business or sharing tips, advice or any other points of interest. Keep in mind that you’re representing your brand (so you will still want to keep it professional), and think about what you can share that will present a positive image and potentially bring in customers.

What makes you Unique?

Embracing what makes your business unique can give your brand personality and help it to stand out from the rest. Using a unique voice in your branding can be as simple as using humour or talking in a more casual language. There are many different ways you can deliver your message, and the delivery itself can be just as powerful as the message itself.

By humanising your brand, you can welcome customer interaction and form a closer connection with your audience. An excellent way to show the humans behind your company is to use video. Consider creating some videos and sharing these on your social media. For plenty of tips on this, visit our blog page.


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