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I'm Lovin' It. Interactive Videos

I'm Lovin' It. Interactive Videos

By - Lacey  

Walk in to your local McDonald’s or Starbucks and you’ll notice the once sad, plastic, static menus have been replaced with active moving screens. These screens cycle between menu items, teaser videos, and motion graphics. McDonald’s has gone far enough to develop Create Your Taste which asks customers to interact with the ordering process via touch screens. Why? Because these big corporations realize the importance of interactive content!


Evolution of Interactive Content

 We humans are naturally interactive. We are constantly watching, reading, absorbing and making decisions. A lengthy menu or a word heavy article may slip past your more active minded users. This phenomenon isn’t caused by ADHD, it’s simply the evolution of communication. We know how much thought and effort you put into your blogs, articles, newsletters, emails and FAQs. (Here we are, literally doing the same thing.) We don’t want any of your effort to go to waste, which is why we want you to utilise video.

Start With What You Have

If you’re in business in the 21st century, chances are you’ve answered an email, written a blog, or answered a frequently asked question. If you’ve done any number of these things then you already have great content, yes really. The only problem is this great content isn’t reaching the masses, or even a short list. Instead, these words are sitting static somewhere on the web and not receiving much attention.

Repurpose your content and turn it into a video: answer questions, talk about the origins of your business, give insight into your day-to-day. Taking something static and turning it into something visual enables you to reach a broader spectrum of users.

Why Video?

We can’t say it enough, we love video! We are bursting at the seams with our passion for video content, we truly believe it’s the most powerful, useful, understandable medium ever created. We know starting brand related videos can be a bit daunting, but we also know you’ve already done most of the leg work. You know your business better than anyone else, which is why we urge you to create your videos.  


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