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Is Creative Content Really That Important?

Is Creative Content Really That Important?

By - Aaron

If you want the short answer it’s yes, end of story!

The real question you should be asking is how important is quality creative content?

There is no denying that as a human race we have become content junkies, not only in our personal lives but it has crept into our business lives too. Why? Because content is easier to digest.  In the ‘fast lane’ lifestyle that we live today no one has time to read a whole bunch of words. In fact, at least 30% of you have stopped reading already. (for those of you who have kept reading, good work.)

Quick disclaimer: What is content? Content is essentially stuff, stuff you put online to grab the attention of your potential customers and clients. Ranging from images to video to anything that isn’t plain old text. The aim of content is to be engaging enough to be viewed and shared by your target audience, with the objective of driving more consumers to your business. 

Now, onto today’s buzz word. Quality. Why do we need quality content? No matter where you are sharing your content it must be a representation of your business or brand. Consumers who have never heard of you before are out there looking for your product or service every day, and when they happen to stumble onto your website/Facebook page/Instagram/LinkedIn or whatever it is that you have floating around in the online world they are going to judge you immediately.

This is where the quality of your content is going to shine. We’ve already established that our attention spans are far shorter than ever so we have to grab our consumers attention fast. Shooting on your iPhone is absolutely fine just make sure you're thinking like a filmmaker and you have good lighting and audio. Poor colour choices on a logo your child designed may be cute to you but has lost your customers attention. The brutal truth is, consumers are going to look at your poor quality content and assume if you can’t get that right then you probably can’t get your service or product right. 


You are an expert at what you do, well you should be otherwise why are you doing it? And content creators are the expert at what they do, taking your vision for content and turning it into something great. From illustration and graphic design to video content and animation there is an expert out there that can help you. There is a science behind the content that you may not be aware of, a science that encourages engagement, holds attention and ultimately turns a prospect into a buyer. Content Laundry has a smorgasbord of video advice on our facebook page that we are updating regularly. If you want advice on creative blog content check out our friends at FirstSiteGuide.

Remember, your creative content will quite often be the first time a consumer has engaged with your business. Don’t risk losing them immediately because the quality (hey there’s that word again, I must be summing up) of your content isn’t up to par. Quality content isn’t only important for your business but rather it is vital for its survival so don’t just trust anyone with it. Ask around, get advise, decide on a budget and trust an expert.


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