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My 3 Months With Content Laundry

My 3 Months With Content Laundry

My name is Shannon and I’m an intern here at Content Laundry. Three months ago we launched and during that time I’ve been a part of the team working on running our Instagram feed and creating the content for our social pages and blog. This is a short summary of my time as an intern at Content Laundry and a look at the behind the scenes!

The Content Laundry office is located in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, only a short walk from the beach. We wanted to showcase this and use the beach as a backdrop for a lot of our posts.

Wash-O enjoying a sunny day on the beautiful Gold Coast 😊 #contentlaundry

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Here’s an animated video I made for our Instagram:

Don't let a seagull wreck your videos. Follow along for more handy tips.

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In the past 3 months we’ve posted 200 times on our Instagram. Our layout changed a few times in the first few weeks until we found a theme that we loved. One series I worked on was ‘Where’s Wash-o?’, where we invited our followers to try and find Wash-o in various landmark locations. Here’s a compilation:

 We interacted with followers and used Canva to create content for the feed. We also scripted and recorded some ‘talking head’ videos with our best marketing/video tips:

Embrace what makes your brand unique. We say show rather than tell! #contentlaundry

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We experimented with different ideas and concepts. I’m passionate about video, so I enjoyed working on different styles of editing throughout the internship. Here’s a quick animated video I made for our IG:


I also played a role in writing blogs and creating some of the blog image headers. I really enjoyed this because I’m passionate about graphic design as well. Here are some of my favourite ones:


Content Laundry has grown immensely over the past 3 months and continues to grow. Our aim has always been to provide real value to our followers. I hope that our passion for video shines through our content :)


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