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Online Business Videos that Worked in 2015 and Why You Should be doing the same in 2016.

Online Business Videos that Worked in 2015 and Why You Should be doing the same in 2016.

By - Aaron

There is no doubt that online video is now at the centre of content marketing and it's thanks to the pioneers of 2015. Thanks to these early adopters and trailblazers the advertising budget of majority of businesses and brands are shifting to digital video. So let’s take a look at what worked in 2015, and what we can implement in our own videos in 2016.

          • Android: Friends Furever
          • February 2015
          • 1minute 02 seconds
          • 25,042,232 views [at date of blog]

When Android posted the clip in February 2015 they released it with the tag line - “You don't have to be a cute animal to show the world how to Be Together. Not the Same. But it definitely helps.” And it does definitely help, there is no product to be seen, service to be mentioned or even a company logo except for the last 4 seconds. This is proof that the creators had confidence you would watch all the way to the end, why? Because you were emotionally connected immediately. Animals of different species simply doing what animals do coupled with a song that brought you back to your childhood - You were hooked.

The Verdict - Cute animals definitely help but more than that, connect with your audience on an emotional level. Whether you make them laugh or make them cry it doesn’t matter, just make them feel.

          • Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers
          • February 2015
          • 2 minutes 16 seconds
          • 5,394,084 views [at date of blog]

Let’s face it, there is probably not better storytellers in the world that Disney - and own they posed the question “How do you show your Disney Side?” The result is an uplifting and inclusive video  that appeals to pretty much anyone with a heart. They capitalise on the reactions of the general public, showing the viewer this could be you or in other words, wouldn’t you and your family have a great time at a Disney Park?

The Verdict - An uplifting video that captures the imagination of it’s target audience. Again this is an emotional connection that makes you feel something.

          • The Unique Connection
          • April 2015
          • 2 minutes 18 seconds
          • 18,357,023 views [at date of blog]

Pandora released this video roughly two weeks before mothers day, highlighting the ‘unique connection’ between mother and child. The emotion in the mothers faces is definitely reflected in the target audience's face, tugging firmly on those heart strings. This video is stirring in the most beautiful and captivating way. Once they have you a sobbing mess they remind you that you deserve a pandora bracelet.

The Verdict - When you know your demographic well enough you can hone right in on their emotional triggers.

          • Puppyhood
          • May 2015
          • 3 minutes 45 seconds
          • 13,253,223 views [at date of blog]

When Purina partnered up with BuzzFeed Video in May of this year the result was the greatest dog food commercial ever. If you are planning online video marketing it’s a good idea to use BuzzFeed Video as your benchmark. These guys can do almost no wrong at the moment, their videos are completely audience orientated and Puppyhood is no different. As we are all aware, cute animals sell, but when your product is puppy food you’re on a pretty even playing field with your competition. Cute puppy + product shot + puppy eating product is pretty much the standard so Purina used BuzzFeed’s expertise to go well beyond the standard. This video captures, in a very comical way, what it’s like to introduce a new puppy to your home something that the demographic has more than likely experienced or are about to experience.

The Verdict - Relatability mixed with comedy is a winning combination.

          • Love Has No Labels
          • March 2015
          • 3 minutes 19 seconds
          • 57,414,173 views [at date of blog]

A hot political topic this year has been equal rights of virtually any minority, and rightly so, as Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, said last year when asked about why equality is important “Because it’s 2015.” So when Ad Council released this video, highlighting that #LoveHasNoLabels it was very poignant and timely. Exposing the audience to it’s own prejudice in an eye-opening yet heartwarming and inclusive way. The subtle cleverness of the ad almost teaches you a lesson before you have realised you’ve learned it.

The Verdict - Be topical. If you have something to say, say it. You will have support and you will have conflict, either way you have created a conversation with your audience.

Conclusion -

The reason these video ads were some of the most viewed and shared of 2015 has very little to do the brands they represent and a lot to do with the emotional connection they are making with their audience.None had large scale production value proving it’s just not important when it comes to online, the only thing that is important is that you made your audience feel something. Another denominating factor in these ads is that they don't blatantly advertise. When you are advertising at your audience they will shut down, however, when you share a moment with them that really connects, your audience will not only be engaged but they will become brand advocates for you and share your message amongst their friends. Also, cute animals help.


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