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Sticking to Your Content Calendar

Sticking to Your Content Calendar

By - Lacey

In a previous blog we established the importance of staying ahead of the game with a content calendar. Planning ahead gives you a bird's eye view of your marketing and helps you get really strategic. But what happens when the planning stops and the leg work starts? It's easy enough to plan your content, it's another thing to follow through with executing that plan. We know video is overwhelming. We also know consistency is the key to success with any brand. Below you’ll find some tips to help you stick to your content calendar.

Step 1: Set Aside Time to Plan

If you’ve followed along with the last blog, you’ve already determined the frequency of your posts, your tools, and the times of posts. You already know which social networks could use a little love. Now it’s time to pretend you are the director of your own team, only this team is comprised of your social networks. Host a weekly meeting with your social network “team” and plan tasks for each that will be added to your content calendar.

Step 2: Prioritise

Now you need to break down your tasks into realistic smaller tasks. The key word here is realistic, now is not the time to overwhelm yourself. Instead of using big descriptions like “I’m going to make a video on Wednesday,” break it down into more manageable tasks i.e. “I’m going to: 1. Fill out my Content Laundry Form 2. Outline the goals of my video 2. Outline the key points of my video 3. Shoot my video 4. Upload my best takes.”

Step 3: Baby-steps

Here at content laundry we like to stay ahead of the game by scheduling all of our content at least week in advance. When I say schedule, I mean each individual post is ready to go with a caption and is set up to post automatically. Because we have posts scheduled during the week, we can step back and chip away at little tasks and creations to add to our library. So far we’ve never run out of content. (Internet High-Five.)

We know it can be a bit daunting to think about how many things need to be done but we promise if you take small steps you’ll be able to own your social media and create some amazing content.  

If you’re ready for us to help you create consistent brand videos for your social media platforms, let’s get in touch today!


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