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Stop Pushing Your Products Start Creating Customers.

Stop Pushing Your Products Start Creating Customers.

By - Lacey  

When you think of increasing your sales, what generally comes to mind? Is it that pushy cold calling salesman? Maybe its posting a bunch of products to Amazon and hoping for the best? Perhaps it’s purchasing some adsense? What if we told you you could create a unique channel that could generate eager customers? What if the only thing separating these customers from sale was 3­-4 clicks? Well friends, it's time we stopped pushing our products and start creating an audience.

Accept your product or service is a natural accessory of a fantastic lifestyle.

Repeat it, memorize it, stamp it on your forehead if you must. Your product or service is a natural accessory of a fantas tic lifestyle. In order to build your audience, you need to first identify your product’s lifestyle, trust us, it has a lifestyle.

Identify and define.

Let's take a moment to learn from the social media powerhouse Airbnb. They know their audience loves to travel, not only are they globetrotters, they love to go off the beaten path. Let’s be honest, staying in a stranger's house isn’t for everyone. Airbnb uses its social media channels to really romanticizes the value of travelling to these unknown parts. They use beautiful images and video to show off their unique listings around the world and their community really eats it up.

You may not be Airbnb, but your product is perfectly suited to a lifestyle, let’s identify it. Say you sell yoga pants, start showcasing the idyllic lifestyle of a beach yogi, a travelling yogi, any admirable yogi. Are you selling craftsmen vases? Romanticize the lifestyle of someone who operates a family business.

Create content.

Once you’ve defined your brand’s lifestyle it’s time to create content to match. If your social media channel is about yoga practice, try making a video about a yoga group that meets on the beach? How about highlighting one of your former customers who teaches at her own studio? The possibilities are endless. Your job is to ensure your audience knows your products are an essential accessory to their amazing lifestyle.

Good Luck!

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