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The Importance of Quality vs Quantity of Content

The Importance of Quality vs Quantity of Content

By - Ryan. 

In the oversaturated environment that is online content, it is becoming increasingly harder to stand out from the crowd. In spite of this the audience is bigger than ever and they are watching for longer than ever. When and how we consume content is changing and naturally the type of content is changing as well. Audiences expect quality content and they expect it frequently, this can be a difficult demand to meet without sacrificing either quality or quantity, but it is a crucial key to any successful content strategy to find the perfect balance.

A perfect example of this applied effectively is the Youtuber Casey Neistat. Casey’s career and personal philosophy embody the transition towards the new era of online content sharing. His daily vlogs share a candid insight into his action packed personal and business life showcasing his unique personality and storytelling ability.

A high school dropout, Casey began his journey into video at a young age pre youtube existence, even achieving some viral success during this time period. He created an original series with his brother which they sold to HBO for a sizeable amount. The content in the HBO series is stylistically similar to what Casey’s Youtube channel resembles today and the series was overall considered largely successful. However the audience reach of this entire series would later be dwarfed by some of the individual view counts of his Youtube videos.

As well as these personal projects he has worked commercially creating branded content for companies. Growing his client base via the traditional means of working with increasingly larger companies with larger budgets. He has worked with the likes of Mercedes, Samsung and Nike, creating one of Nike’s most viewed online videos which has gained over 20 million views.

After seeing the success some of his videos were having online Casey became increasingly aware of the power of Youtube for sharing content. Previously overlooked by video professionals as a place populated by amateurs, Youtube was once dismissed as a stepping stone to the professional world of film and television. The new generation of audiences are defying this antiquated notion as Casey learnt first hand via his young son who declared his fondness for Youtube and disdain for regular television.

Casey began focusing all his efforts on growing his youtube channel. Along with his other accomplishments, Casey largely credits his move to creating daily videos that triggered his audience growth. The daunting consistency of daily posting combined with high quality of the content that he releases has enabled him to grow his channel to the point that today he has over 5.4 million subscribers and 1.1 total views with no signs of slowing down.

“I'm not able to make amazingly perfect, precious pieces of content, but I get to make awesome spontaneous content that's frequently ephemeral.” -Casey Neistat

Casey is among the first of the new wave of dedicated ‘Youtubers’ who are beloved by the exploding online audience. The daily frequency forces him to share authentically and creatively to stay fresh. While the regularity of his posts have viewers tuning in everyday and coming back for more. There is a lot to be learned from Casey’s success that can be applied to any content marketing strategies. Carefully balancing quality and quantity of content is a task not to be overlooked.

Non perfectionist

“The idea that somebody would go to my YouTube channel and want to watch movies and then be subjected to some terrible car commercial - I don't like that.”

‘Success’ should be the bi product of an authentic pursuit, attempting to make something in order to attain success is the incorrect mindset as any benchmark of success is fleeting and there will always be more to achieve.  


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