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The New Frontier of Live Streaming

The New Frontier of Live Streaming

By - Aaron

By now it’s no surprise that videos are the new key to marketing nowadays in this internet consumed world. And its no surprise that social media platforms are a rising medium to post branded videos for businesses on. But what may be a surprise is that live streaming video is also another way to market your business.

Live streaming video is exactly what the name suggests; videos that are filmed and watched live. And are a great and creative way to reach and interact with your customers and audience.

Live streaming can be done on mobile apps such as House Party, Periscope and now with Facebook Live. Live streaming video is a creative balance of social media and video and is giving all types of businesses more access to their customers. It also allows a company to personalise and humanise their brand, which usually makes it more attractive to potential customers and clients.

Below are some ways and ideas on how live streaming can help your business (you can read more about these here)

  • Share live events

  • Host special guests and interviews

  • How to segments

  • Give a look behind-the-scenes

Live streaming videos are a jump up from branded videos but are more creative, more exciting and more exclusive for your customers and audience. So pick up your phone and give it a try, you never know what could come of it.


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