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Top 3 Smartphones for Video

Top 3 Smartphones for Video

By - Steefan.

We’ve said it already but we’ll say it again. That smartphone in your pocket more likely than not is really good at shooting video. High def, and even 4K quality is getting pumped out of phones these days, which is more than enough for effective DIY business videos.

Surely though, some are better than others? Yes. Here’s our Top 3 Smartphones for Video.

3rd: Apple iPhone 7

Apple wowed the world with the release of the good lookin’ iPhone 7. It touted some epic new specs and features, including an improved camera…. But then they went and removed the headphone jack. Now what that means is that a lot of audio peripherals and accessories won’t work with it, including all the latest microphones you could use for mobile videos. So that means you’d have to re-purchase any peripherals you already own, or use a cumbersome converter cable. Bad move apple. Additionally, you don’t have the option of adding a cheap memory card to increase your storage space - a great plus for video. Having said that, the camera has received strong reviews and provides consistent quality 4K right in your pocket. It has to be said though - what Apple is really good at is making photos and video easy to capture.

Price: about $1000aud

2nd: Samsung S7 Edge

Samsung has established themselves as a strong direct competitor to Apple’s dominance of the high-end smartphone market. They did however bring out a camera in it that did well in beating the iPhone 7 - before it even came out! The S7 still bests the iPhone 7 in several reviews, with a crisper image and more flexible storage space. It has a good old fashioned audio jack too! However, this can be quite a fragile device, as a few of my colleagues will attest. The all-glass construction shatters quite easily, so plan to get a case if you’re taking this out into the field for your videos.

Price: about $1100aud

1st: Google Pixel

Google’s flagship phone is fresh off of its announcement on Oct. 4th, and is already wooing customers with its classy features and specs. Google calls it the “best smartphone camera ever” - and they aren’t wrong! It received glowing reviews for its camera performance, and with the promise of “unlimited storage” for videos and photos, it is quite a promising option. You’ll never run out of room for all these awesome business videos you’ll be doing!

Price: about $1000aud


So - whichever one you have or plan on getting, just make sure it looks, feels and performs right for your needs. Also, don’t be let down if your phone isn’t on this list, I can guarantee it won’t be too far off quality-wise. Get out and shoot!

Notable mentions:

  • Samsung S6
  • Google Nexus 6P
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • HTC 10
  • iPhone 6S

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