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Video Can't be Ignored Anymore

Video Can't be Ignored Anymore

By - Aaron 

There is no ignoring the fact that video is immensely popular and the amount of the videos online is growing rapidly, ever since the birth of social media networks like YouTube and Facebook. Much sooner rather than later, videos will dominate social media platforms.

Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook's vice president of European, Middle Eastern and African operations, had this to say about the rise of video

"Facebook will be all video, no text in 5 years"

With that knowledge of how prevalent and powerful it is, video is leaking into the business and marketing world, which makes a lot of sense. Video marketing on social media platforms are on the rise and in some cases going rival. And many businesses are running with the trend.

An early example of this is the hugely successful and rival branded video ‘First Kiss’ by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva for the fashion company Wren. It took weeks for people around the world to realise the video was actually an ad.

The most important content marketing strategy you need to be considering for your business is video. No doubt about it.

There are many social media platforms that you can post and create content videos on and for. Two growing platforms are Instagram and Snapchat and both are now giving YouTube and Facebook (except that Facey actually owns Insta) a run for their money. All four if these platforms are receiving daily views in the billions. With that kind of exposure and awareness, imagine the results video could have on your business?

Social videos are all about engaging your audience, all about getting people to click and watch. Keeping your videos under the 1 minute mark will greatly reduce the amount  of viewers losing interest or getting bored. 

Now not everyone or every business will be on board with using social media videos to market their products or services, but it’s a rising and promising marketing trend that should not be disregarded.


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