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What Can The Power Of Video Do For Your Business.

What Can The Power Of Video Do For Your Business.

By - Aaron

Have you ever noticed just how many videos are popping up in your life through the use of internet? Scroll down your Facebook or Instagram and videos bombard the screen, right?

Video is taking over the internet and by 2019 is has been predicted by Ciso that internet video traffic will take up a whopping 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic. Now that’s a lot of videos.

With video content populating and the success of viral videos and social media platforms, it’s not surprising that businesses big and small are jumping on the band wagon and using branded videos created especially for the internet as a creative marketing strategy.

You may be thinking why video marketing is the biggest trend right now? And the answer it quite simple actually. People love hearing and watching stories, we have since the age of cavemen. Whether it’s the latest blockbuster superhero movie or a video about a cat that looks grumpy, we just like to be entertained! That love of stories grew into sitting around a campfire sharing ghost stories and now it's watching videos online.

Apart from that simple fact, there are a few other reasons why video marketing is taking the world by storm with just a few clicks. In a recent article, Yaniv Axen takes a deeper look into the success of video marketing. A few key points from Axen are; videos create online personalisation, videos attract people and encourage people to share (which is what you want for a business) and lastly that video production costs are falling and ROI is rising.

So, it’s even easier for a business to create video content than ever and receive profit from those videos.

There are a few ways to go about getting videos made for your business. One is through DIY videos and there are some simple guidelines suggested by Marcus Seeger, bestselling author and managing director of Video Expects, suggested in an article on Huffington Post. Another way is through a video production company.

Video has and always will be a powerful tool to inform and entertain people at the same time, so why not use it to the advantage of your business?


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