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Where Video Technology is Heading, and Why it Matters to You.

Where Video Technology is Heading, and Why it Matters to You.

By Shaun. 

Drones, stabilizers, 4k, action cameras. It seems like video camera innovations and upgrades are becoming a daily headline on our social feeds. We are living in an age where anything is possible, and everything is becoming easier to do. This is amazing when it comes to video, as storytelling in a visual format is becoming a reality to those who once couldn’t afford expensive camera equipment. So what does this mean for society as a whole?

With a whole lot more access to camera technology, we are finding an explosion of visual storytelling in our day to day lives. We are becoming huge consumers of video and our demand is also growing. If we wanted to look up an answer to our questions, why read? We often have the choice to watch engaging videos over reading articles, and with good reason to do so. Studies have shown that visual content is extremely effective at helping us recall information. This means that we as society are not only being more engaged in learning, but we are becoming better at remembering what we have learned. We are all becoming smarter thanks to our easy access to video technology.

Video technology is also changing how businesses market themselves. With the rise of social media and the accessibility of good quality camera equipment, we are seeing businesses grow much faster than ever before. Small business owners now have the option to create great content on a regular basis to keep consumers entertained, informed and buying from them. This was once a premium service for brands with big budgets, but not anymore. It has been a great startup tool to get people excited about a product or service before it has even launched. The ‘Lacie Drone’ launched a video explaining the concept of their product and what they had planned for it, resulting in a hugely successful number of preorders for the product. This just shows the power of impact that video can have on small businesses.

We are almost in a world where the vast majority of content we will experience online will be video. This will all be possible thanks to the ease of access of video equipment in our day to day lives. We can expect to be living in a future where capturing our greatest life moments will not only be amazingly convenient, but it will be a new societal standard to do so. We are already seeing younger generations being much more open to filming their lives, and it will only become more common as time goes on. Before we know it, we will be able to look back on any point of our lives through quality video production. This can be either exciting or frightening, but either way this is how the future is starting to pan out.


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