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Your Videos Only Work as Hard as You Do

Your Videos Only Work as Hard as You Do

By - Lacey 

To put it simply, videos work! Creating consistent brand videos can send you leaping ahead of your competition. You’ve probably heard videos can boost your social media following, increase sales, and turn your website into a magical wonderland of traffic with all of that SEO. Here are the facts about tactfully distributed videos:

  1. Search engines love video! If you are struggling to to get to the front page of google or bing, a video may be just what you need. Both major search engines reserve their top spots for relevant videos.
  2. It’s true, your website's SEO will get a boost. If you have a video posted to your website search engines record that as positive rankings.
  3. Youtube is the second largest search engine (after google, which is basically it’s dad) Posting a video can help you reach a whole new audience.
  4. Shareability. Videos are more shareable than blogs or articles, posting videos to social networks can help you broaden your reach unlike any other content.

While these perks are easily achievable with video, simply creating a video is not enough. Content is king but distribution is the ruler. Uploading a video and then leaving it to fend for itself won't do too much for growing your business. This is why we’ve assembled some quick tips to really squeeze your content laundry videos for everything they’ve got.

1. Upload to Each Platform Directly

Each social channel has its own ways of optimising your video. Instead of posting to Youtube and then sharing to Facebook, upload to both. Google and Facebook are constantly at arms with each other, we don’t want your business to get caught in between their crossfire. By uploading to both, you can actually use their battle to your advantage. Post to as many platforms as you can, you never know where your biggest fans might be spending their time.   

2. Create a Relevant Catchy Title

You know your business better than anyone else, create a relevant title that you’d click on if you were the one searching. Labeling your video “My First Video” probably won't get you much traction and won't help when people are searching for your business.

3. Add Tags

Use tags to your advantage. When you upload your videos to Youtube add any and all relevant tags and keywords that relate to your video, this will increase your likelihood of showing up in a search. Make sure your tags are actually relevant, don’t tag kittens just because cat videos are incredible, just don’t. Irrelevant tags won't help your videos, and often times it will do you a disservice when people give you a major thumbs down.

When posting to instagram, use at least eleven relevant hashtags that relate to your video. *Protip: we recommend searching for your hashtags ahead of time to make sure people are actually searching for those particular tags. As much as you may think #imakethebestcoffeeinaustralia is relevant to your video, it probably won't be seen by anyone. We don’t want you wasting your hashtags.

4. Stay Consistent

Don’t give your audience the silent treatment by creating a video or two and then cutting them off from your added value and entertainment. Stay consistent by constantly producing videos. Make your brand an experience, a resource, and a channel of information by creating a consistent stream of videos. *Added BONUS we offer discounts if you are creating multiple videos each month.

5. Repost Old Content

The beauty of the internet is its forever. A video you made six months ago may still be exactly what some people are searching for today. When using platforms that use a timeline format like facebook or instagram, repost your old videos to gain a new viewership.


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