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Content Laundry is a service that takes the hassle out of social videos. Simply shoot your own videos on your smartphone, choose the best bits and send the clips down to your local Content Laundry and in 48hrs you will receive a curated video, ready to share on your socials or website. As little or as often as you need.

Video is crucial to marketing your businesses. Look at it this way, think back to your most recent time you were on social media did you find yourself clicking on random videos for no reason at all? Consumers are constantly trying to satisfy their needs for information and entertainment and video does that plus more. Video marketing cuts through the clutter of your competition by engaging your audience on a higher level and leading to higher profits.

Optimizing your advertisement through social media isn’t just a cheap and efficient way to market your brand. It has become a powerful tool where online communities can share content all over the world in seconds. Businesses are incorporating social media into their marketing strategies to increase traffic, engagement and brand awareness. It helps your SEO too. With current and future trends constantly being developed and optimized for social media this is where you want your brand to be.

Content Laundry makes it easy for you to shoot your own videos - so long as you have a smartphone you’re ready to go. Should you have professional or semi-professional equipment, great! We work with you with what you have. If you ever want to take your equipment to the next level or want advise on handy add ons, we are here to help.

EVERYONE! This service is offered to a broad audience from small to medium size businesses to your everyday person. If you feel like posting a video that promotes your brand or simply want to share information in a creative way, contact us at Content Laundry and you’re well on your way.

Content Laundry offers all the services you need from filming techniques and guidelines right through editing your polished videos to customer support. We are in the business of making your business great and we are proud of the support we offer. Our after care is second to none. Do not hesitate to contact us for more insight on our packages.

Once you have received your polished video, it is in your power to choose which channels your video will be launched on. We are firm believers in sharing your content socially as this has the potential for the most exposure. However, we will support you and optimize your video to be shared and distributed wherever you need it. It’s completely up to you.

We have video packages suited to meet the needs of any sized business. You can start with 1 video in our Delicates package, or move up to 8 videos and beyond with our Fluff 'N' Fold and Stain Buster packages. Please note, a new Video Designer Form will need to be filled out for each video. You can do multiple videos at once: Your first video will be delivered in 48hrs, and each video following in 24 hr increments.

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